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Larry Flynt Claims Infringement Over Name of Nephews’ New Company

Mon, Dec 22 2008 04:15pm PST
Hustler founder Larry Flynt is alleging that the name of his two nephews’ new adult production company infringes upon his registered trademarked name and is demanding Flynt Media Corp. change its name.

Larry Flynt to Discuss Future of Adult at XBIZ ‘State of the Industry’ Conference

Fri, Dec 19 2008 04:30pm PST
Larry Flynt will discuss the current state of the industry at the at XBIZ ‘State of the Industry’ Conference.

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds 1st CP-Anime Conviction Under PROTECT Act

Fri, Dec 19 2008 04:15pm PST
A federal appeals panel this week affirmed the first child-porn cartoon conviction under the PROTECT Act.

Max Hardcore Legal Docs Get Peddled on

Fri, Dec 19 2008 08:00am PST
While Max Hardcore awaits an order from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to surrender to custody, a Houston publisher has put for sale on a compendium of legal documents in paperback relative to his Florida trial.

Detroit Faces Suit Over Strip Club ‘Raids’

Thu, Dec 18 2008 04:45pm PST
The city of Detroit and 13 vice squad officers have been hit with a federal lawsuit claiming that police systematically “raided” two strip clubs countless times in the past few years.

Extreme Associates Obscenity Case Has Evidentiary Hearing

Wed, Dec 17 2008 06:00am PST
"The clips we're talking about in this trial are the ones you buy, right?" U.S. District Judge Gary L. Lancaster asked the forensic examiner.

ASACP Details Decline in CCP with Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography

Tue, Dec 16 2008 04:00pm PST
The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) was in Washington D.C. again this month; this time participating in the semi-annual meeting of the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography.

Online Sex Toy Company Faces Suit Over Similar-Sounding Domain

Mon, Dec 15 2008 05:00pm PST
A top cosmetics company has filed a trademark infringement suit against an online sex toy company that peddles its wares from India.

Calif. Legislator Introduces New Porn Tax

Sat, Dec 13 2008 08:00am PST
With the state facing a dire budget crisis, a California politician plans to introduce new legislation that would tax consumers of adult entertainment.

Right to Shoot Porn Upheld in N.H.

Fri, Dec 12 2008 05:00pm PST
The California Supreme Court made a similar decision in California vs. Freeman in 1988, opening the way for adult video production to flourish in California.
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