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Rascal Files Trademark Suit Against Topco Over Black Balled Dildo

Fri, Jan 03 2014 04:30pm PST
Rascal Video today filed a trademark infringement and breach-of-contract suit against Topco Sales, claiming the sex toy company didn't hand over all of the molds used to manufacture Rascal products as terms of an earlier settlement agreement.

Sex Toy Store Zoning Battle Heads to Federal Court

Fri, Jan 03 2014 04:00pm PST
Taboo, one of Columbia's last adult retailers, remains open as its operators and the city prepare for a legal battle in federal court.

Scala Playhouse Adds Drop-Shipping Option for E.U. Countries

Fri, Jan 03 2014 01:00pm PST
European B2B supplier Scala Playhouse announced today that it has introduced a drop-shipping option.

LAist: '2013: Adult Industry in Photos'

Fri, Jan 03 2014 12:00pm PST
Local culture site posted part one of a SFW photo series representing 2013’s milestone moments in adult.

Hollywood Show Kicks Off Tomorrow

Fri, Jan 03 2014 09:30am PST
The Hollywood Show, a mainstream and — for the first time ever — adult celebrity autographing haven, is kicking off tomorrow at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood from 6-9 p.m. Now Accepting Bitcoin

Fri, Jan 03 2014 08:00am PST is now accepting the digital currency Bitcoin for membership payments.

Porn Hounds Prefer PS4 Over Xbox One 3-to-1

Fri, Jan 03 2014 07:00am PST
PS4 users are streaming three times more porn than their Xbox One counterpart gamers, according to stats from SugarDVD.

Adam & Eve: Do You Like Lovemaking Rough or Gentle?

Thu, Jan 02 2014 05:30pm PST wanted to know whether consumers prefer lovemaking rough or gentle, so it asked more than 1,000 adults what they prefer.

Oral Arguments Slated for Measure B, Ira Isaacs Appeals

Thu, Jan 02 2014 05:15pm PST
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today gave notice to parties involved in appeals over condom ordinance Measure B and the obscenity convictions of fetish film distributor Ira Isaacs that it has calendared oral arguments in March for each of their cases.

MUA Is 1st Adult Product Funded on Kickstarter

Thu, Jan 02 2014 05:00pm PST
Sex toy storage case MUA has become the first adult product on Kickstarter, namely because it is not a pleasure product.
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