AdamMale Drops Bareback Video Titles

Feb 12, 2009 9:45 AM PST
HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — has decided to drop bareback titles from its product line, a move some in the gay adult entertainment industry hailed.’s Molly Fisher told XBIZ that the 12-year-old division of PHE Inc. decided to stop selling the titles because it was incongruous with its mission.

"We started selling bareback sex video titles in 2006 because it seemed our customers were demanding it,” Fisher said. “We felt pressured. But our group recently met as a team, and we all agreed: This just doesn’t gel. And we never quite saw the sales with bareback [films].

"It never made sense within the standards we set for our brand to sell videos that glamorize unsafe sex practices," said Fisher, noting the company has marketed only 20 bareback titles but has never produced or co-produced them.

Additionally, Fisher said HIV/AIDS prevention through condom use “has become an easy practice in modern gay adult sex films and we feel there is no reason to continue to put gay adult film stars at risk.”

“We would like to apologize publicly to the gay community and gay sex industry for what was clearly a misstep in the history of our company,” she said. “AdamMale will continue to be an organization that actively encourages fun, safe sex through its charitable contributions, its products and its marketing."

Keith Webb, Titan Media’s vice president, gave kudos to AdamMale for its decision on bareback films.

“Phil Harvey and his team at Adam & Eve have always been leaders within the industry, especially when it comes to use of condoms,” Webb told XBIZ. “The very beginnings of their company started with selling condoms through mail order, a violation of the law at that time.

“As an HIV-positive gay man,” he said. “I would like to personally thank AdamMale for doing the right thing and dropping gay bareback/unsafe sex films from their product line.

“This shows AdamMale’s commitment to the gay community and they should be applauded for putting protection of the community ahead of profit.“

Fisher said PHE continues to donate a portion of each AdamMale sale to charities, including those that promote HIV prevention and safe sex education.

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