Crazy Cabbie Fielding Offers for Porn Movie Shot in Howard Stern’s Studio

Mar 6, 2009 5:30 PM PST
NEW YORK — After many years of rumors and innuendo about an adult movie shot in Howard Stern’s former studio, the tape’s mastermind is officially — and aggressively — shopping the footage to the highest bidder.

Crazy Cabbie, a former K-Rock 92.3 FM DJ and Howard Stern Show regular, told XBIZ that after many years of the tape sitting on a shelf and collecting dust, he was finally ready to part with it and is accepting all fair offers for the footage.

“I’ve been sitting on this footage for years and people have been asking for it, clamoring for it,” Cabbie said. “No one’s ever really seen any raw footage from it, and people even doubted that it existed. But now, it’s time to make a splash.”

Talk surrounding the much-rumored tape had been quiet until a clip from the movie was leaked yesterday on sex blog Cabbie said the tape has been for sale before, but he wasn’t aggressively pursuing serious offers, “more like testing the waters” for the tape.

He had been contemplating a deal with Frank Kay of IVD, but since the agreement was predicated on other elements and not just the tape itself, a deal fell through. Cabbie also mentions speaking with Red Light District’s David Joseph and Teravision’s Evan Seinfeld about releasing the tape.

“At that time, there were too many people that were involved and things became complicated,” Cabbie said about why a deal never materialized. “Now that those distractions no longer exist, I own the tape with my partner and anyone who wants it can buy it outright. I got the footage, I got the [model] releases and I think it can be big.”

The footage was shot in Stern’s old studio when he was on terrestrial radio in 2001 and 2002. There’s more than five hours of hardcore footage, including sex scenes shot on the tour buses of rock bands Alien Ant Farm and Slipknot.

Featured in the video are Cabbie, Ron Jeremy, Tabitha Stevens, Taylor Wane, Christi Lake and others. There are scenes inside the K-Rock green room and most infamously, on Stern’s personal chair he used to broadcast from.

“I do some dirty things with Taylor Wane on Howard’s chair — some really dirty things — which was a big thrill. I don’t think anyone wants to see me naked, but at the same time I’m a regular guy who’s banging a porn star out on the King of All Media’s throne,” Cabbie said. “And that’s pretty fucking cool, man.”

While many thought the tape would never see the light of day, it garnered renewed interest when Ron Jeremy talked about it in his 2007 best-selling book, “Ron Jeremy: The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz.”

According to Cabbie, one of Jeremy’s associates even edited the footage down to a feature-length video. The “Ron Jeremy edit,” as Cabbie calls it, would be included in any sale of the raw footage.

Cabbie claims the legality of the tape isn’t in question because he has full releases from all the participants — and even claims tacit permission from the shock jock himself.

“You want to film a porno in my studio?” Stern asks Cabbie in an audio clip of a Stern show broadcast supplied to XBIZ. “Yeah, I'd let you do that. I don't think [Tom] Chiusano [K-Rock station manager] will let it. You could do the foreplay and stuff here, and then go shoot the rest in a hotel.”

While Cabbie said he’s more than willing to sell the footage outright to the highest bidder for Internet or DVD distribution, he would still like to be involved with the marketing of the tape due to his background and contacts in mainstream radio.

Since the existence of the tape has been made public, Stern has made no efforts to buy or suppress the footage, according to Cabbie, who expects the talk show host to comment about the tape on Monday because his message boards have lit up with discussion about it in recent days.

“Everybody talked about [shooting porn in Stern’s studio], but I was the one with the balls to actually do it,” Cabbie said. “Everybody was fucking in Howard’s chair — sales guys, radio guys, other guys from the show — but I was the only one smart enough to film it. Now is the right time for it to see the light of day.”

Cabbie encourages anyone with a serious offer to email him at, or call him at (848) 565-8882.

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