German Porn Star Put on City Council Ballot

Jul 25, 2009 2:30 PM PST
WESEL, Germany — European porn legend Dolly Buster’s name appears on a ballot for a local city council election after unwittingly signing a form that was an application for candidacy.

Buster told that she is not in the running for a seat on the council of the Obringhoven-Lackhausen district and that her name appears on an online candidate list run by a local independent voting alliance after a misunderstanding with its president.

Her husband, porn producer Dino Baumberger, also was listed as a city council candidate for a district near Dusseldorf.

“I’ve been nominated by a group whose name I’ve never even heard of,” Buster told, who’s on the ballot under her given name of Nora Baumberger. “I’m really irritated.”

The couple appears on the ballots due to some miscommunication between them and the voting alliance president who allegedly told them that the group needed members and then unwittingly signed a form that was an official application for candidacy.

Buster did have political ambitions though, at one point. In 2004, she ran for a European Union parliament seat, and though she tried to withdraw her name for consideration for this election, the city said it wasn’t allowed.

Buster is encouraging people to not vote for her.

“I wouldn’t vote for me, I don’t stand for their policies,” Buster said about the political party.

Since retiring from performing, after a career in which she made hundreds of triple-X films, Buster became the author of a successful series of crime novels about a German porn star turned amateur sleuth.

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