Netgear’s New Porn Filter Takes Place at the Router Level

Jul 30, 2009 7:00 AM PST
LOS ANGELES — Network manufacturer Netgear is close to rolling out new routers, as well as new firmware upgrades, that will block content on any device using a wireless network.

The routers will be equipped with instructions that configure them to use OpenDNS' domain name server to look up actual IP addresses of sites anyone tries to visit.

If that site isn't on the blocked list, it will be displayed. But if the user blocks that site, the user will instead be sent to a page that informs them that the site they tried to access is blocked. Users can configure the filter from anywhere.

The technology is specifically designed to block porn on WiFi-equipped iPhones or iPod Touches or any other device, including game consoles.

The OpenDNS-compatible firmware will be available for Netgear’s newest line of routers debuting in September. Some existing Netgear routers can be upgraded with the firmware starting Aug. 10.

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