Musical on Porn Industry Planned for L.A.

Aug 4, 2009 6:00 PM PST
LOS ANGELES — A full-scale musical about the adult entertainment industry currently is in the works. The as-yet-untitled show, a partnership between New York group The Civilians and L.A.’s Center Theatre Group, is in the development phase.

According to the CTG, the show “will explore the real-life stories of the people who work in California’s pornography industry.”

The initial phase of the project has “the creative team [going] behind the scenes and learn[ing] about the human side of this business, looking at the work and lives of directors, performers, producers, crew — everyone with a story to tell.”

Members of both theater groups have begun canvassing the valley for interesting stories. The Civilians use what they call an investigative approach to theater — that is taking real-life stories and interpreting them for the stage.

The group has launched a blog to document its progress in addition to a Twitter page.

“So I’ve learned recently that a lot of porn people are on Twitter,” one of the theater group’s members posted on its blog. “I’ve mostly learned exciting things like when people are going to the gym and what they’re having for lunch and mostly it seems that porn stars are eating better than I do. But then again they are on camera naked a lot, and I’m not. Good inspiration to eat some leafy green vegetables.”

Members of the adult entertainment industry are encouraged to email the group at

No opening date has been set for the show.

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