CNBC: Hollywood Turns to Porn for Jobs

Nov 19, 2009 6:00 AM PST
LOS ANGELES — According to a recent article on, tough economic times in the mainstream film industry is bringing a surge in job applicants seeking employment in adult film production.

While many job seekers have the proper professional credentials, they’re finding that there aren’t many positions available for them in porn, according to the piece.

“We’re kind of a closed community,” Adam & Eve publicist Katy Zvolerin told CNBC. “We have the same directors and crews that we like to work with. There is a learning curve. At this point, I think we’d rather stick with the people we know and who do a good job.”

Evil Angel publicist Tricia Devereaux told XBIZ that she noticed an uptick of job applications from Hollywood production types a few years ago, but hasn’t noticed any significant increase in the past year.

Devereaux also mentioned that the skill set needed to succeed in the adult film business is quite different than that of mainstream Hollywood.

“No matter how talented they are in mainstream, it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll know how to deliver a sexy product on budget, and know how to deal with the unique egos and personalities that you can run into with porn performers,” Devereaux said. “So success or adeptness at mainstream movies would definitely not automatically equate success in porn.”

The article also mentions that most job seekers are production types, not on-camera talent — a relief to LA Direct Models owner Derek Hay.

“We wouldn’t have the jobs to fulfill a surge if there was one,” Hay said. “Our industry has been hit hard by this recession — harder than most industries.”

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