MiKandi Launches Porn App Store for Android

Nov 30, 2009 9:30 AM PST
SEATTLE — In a move that could open the gates further for mobile porn, Seattle-based MiKandi.com has rolled out what it calls the world’s first adult mobile app store.

MiKandi is a white label developers portal for free and paid-for apps, allowing developers to upload more content around porn.

The app store currently is available for Android phones but the developers program will be expanded to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices as well as Java-compatible mobile phones in early 2010.

"[MiKandi] wanted to find a niche that was not currently being served and adult applications were at the top of the list," Jennifer McEwen, one of the company's founders, told tech publication Good Gear Guide. "There are no other adult app stores out there to meet this need of users and developers. So we entered the market with MiKandi to provide value to the mobile application ecosystem."

Pronounced “my candy,” MiKandi execs promise no censorship when it comes to the apps, except in cases when a law is being broken.

"If illegal content is uploaded we will take it down immediately and if necessary take legal action against the developer in question."

The developer kit currently is invite-only, but MiKandi plans on an email marketing campaign to get the word out.

A YouTube video about MiKandi is available here.

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