AHF Again Pushing for Legislation That Would Regulate Porn Shoots

Dec 4, 2009 9:30 AM PST
WESTWOOD, Calif. — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, in a bid to push for California legislation to make adult productions condoms-only, has scheduled a press conference for noon today.

The press conference, part of a symposium being hosted by the Reproductive Health Interest Group of UCLA’s School of Public Health, will unveil the group’s campaign to press for new laws that would regulate the porn business.

For four years, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has pushed for mandatory condom protection for all performers.

But after an adult performer tested positive for HIV this past summer, the Los Angeles-based group started ramping up its attention to performer safety.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed suit against Los Angeles County public health officials, claiming they have not made any moves to require condom use on porn sets.

It also filed formal complaints against 16 adult entertainment companies with Cal-OSHA in order to push for mandatory condoms at the workplace.

Friday’s symposium is slated to brainstorm solutions in four distinct areas, AIDS Healthcare Foundation officials say, including developing a media plan, gaining legislative support, mobilizing supporters and empowering performers to advocacy.

A number of key individuals and political offices have been invited for the symposium, including Darren James, the former adult star who allegedly contracted HIV while performing. Representatives from Los Angeles County Health and AIDS Project Los Angeles will be attending, as well as those from Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Mark Ridley-Thomas’ office.

But organizers of the event have clipped the Free Speech Coalition’s attempt to share its message, which emphasizes self-regulation in the industry.

“Free Speech Coalition asked symposium organizers to be part of this discussion, and was declined,” FSC Membership Director Joanne Cachapero said. “Clearly, in regards to STD screening, self-regulation in the adult industry works.

“The people and organizations included in this symposium apparently are not interested in having a dialogue with industry experts or active performers, so we do not expect reasonable, viable legislation to result from this meeting.”

But Whitney Engeran, an AIDS Healthcare Foundation spokesman, told XBIZ that Friday's symposium is an inappropriate forum for the FSC's message.

"Today is a day to look at data and strategize for the adult industry," Engeran said. "That's what it's all about."

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