EroticVision.TV Brings Porn to the Big Screen

Dec 22, 2009 7:30 AM PST
LOS ANGELES — EroticVision.TV (EVTV) has announced the launch of its new IPTV service, which brings the best in adult entertainment to big-screen televisions, via the Internet and the Roku Digitial Video Player.

According to the company, EroticVision.TV allows users to enjoy adult content on a television without hooking a PC directly to it. Using the content provider's existing infrastructure and Internet content delivery systems, EroticVision.TV creates the interface and "back-office" services that allow the delivery of HD or SD content to the Roku Digital Video Player.

"More succinctly put," says a company spokesperson, "EroticVision.TV is Internet erotica direct to your big-screen television, where it belongs."

Subscribers to any participating adult website simply perform a one-time registration of their player. The EroticVision.TV application appears on the Roku Digital Video Player, which features parental controls to restrict access to adults only. Users may then add content from any number of participating sites using their Internet browser. Clicking the EVTV badge on the Roku makes their selections appear on their home theater, ready to play.

EVTV launched the service with — a standard-bearer for the adult Internet, which features quality, original material, along with reliable advice and lifestyle information.

"As the owner of, I see EroticVision.TV's solution for the Roku Digital Video Player as right up there with the second coming," CEO Colin Rowntree said. "EroticVision.TV solves the multitude of problems adult entertainment companies have struggled with in deploying IPTV solutions to consumers."

"With an open platform like Roku, customers aren't buying a device just for porn, but something capable of delivering a variety of content choices on TV," Rowntree added. "The EroticVision.TV adult channel is nicely stashed away and password protected so that a flick of a remote button lets John Q. Public watch high definition adult films from and any other content providers that partner with EroticVision.TV."

EVTV is also developing solutions for more connected TV devices and platforms.

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