Porn Sneaks Into iPhone’s App Store

Jan 11, 2010 1:45 PM PST
LOS ANGELES — It pays to be clever.

The forChan app has made it to Apple’s App Store, allowing iPhone and iPod Touch users a virtual peep show on their devices.

Apple’s App Store has a no-porn-allowed policy, but forChan has managed to beat the Cupertino, Calif., company’s rigid approval system.

The app specializes in viewing image boards on the web.

It comes preloaded with images of "nude" dogs, but with a few adjustments here and there you can customize the app to view naked ladies.

The instructions are simple:

Step 1: Download forChan

Step 2: Via your iPhone, visit and press the forChan button

Step 3: Select one of the 15 adults-only categories

Step 4: Copy the displayed URL to your clipboard

Step 5: Paste the URL in the Store URL section of forChan

With the 99-cent app and those steps, you have dedicated porn without using the device’s Safari browser.

Other apps that included porn — Beauty Meter and Hottest Girls — have vanished.

IApple’s Steve Jobs, in a statement two years ago, said that he won’t allow the company to distribute “porn, malicious apps, apps that invade your privacy.”

For more information about forChan, click here.

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