Erections Faster With New Viagra Rival

Jan 12, 2010 2:45 PM PST
LAKEWOOD, N.J. — Male porn stars will have another option beyond Viagra, Cialis and Levitra after biotech firm Vivus unveiled Avanafil — effective in just 15 minutes, far faster than its rivals.

Avanafil is now in its last step before it can get a green light from the Food and Drug Administration. The company is eyeing a market launch in early 2012.

"The magnitude of success in the first 15 minutes was surprising," said Leland Wilson, the Vivus’ CEO.

Pfizer, which makes Viagra, says its drug acts within 30 minutes to an hour after it is taken. Cialis, made by Eli Lilly, starts working from 30 minutes to six hours after ingestion.

Levitra, acts starting between 25 and 60 minutes after it is taken.

Male porn star Dave Cummings told XBIZ that adding another erectile-enhancement drug to the mix could be beneficial to the numerous men who perform in front of the camera.

“There are some men — me included — who seem to get only marginal assistance from the presently available products, or who can’t take certain products due to prescription meds they take that might adversely interact; thus, the use of Avanafil might possibly fill the void for those men,” Cummings said.

“I personally might look into it when it becomes available as a supplement or in conjunction with Nite Rider Pills, which I often use. Also, for spur of the moment situations, a fast-acting medication similar to what Avanafil is citing might be embraced by many.”

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