China Cracking Down on Mobile Porn by Canceling Numbers

Jan 18, 2010 8:45 AM PST
SHANGHAI — China now is cracking down on mobile phone users who distribute XXX photos and videos, or even “dirty” messages.

The government in Shanghai is canceling phone numbers for first-time offenders.

China Mobile has begun to forward possible offending keywords to the police to investigate after it blocks service, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.

China Mobile, which has a 70-percent market share in the mobile space, said last week that users would be banned from sending texts if they are found to have distributed pornography or other "illegal" content by phone.

But the latest report indicates China Mobile could now go one step further by cancelling phone numbers.

More than 15,000 adult websites, including over 11,000 mobile WAP sites — websites that users can access via cell phones — were shut down or blocked in 2009, Xinhua said last week.

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