Pink Visual Debuts Mobile Porn Site for Android

Jan 20, 2010 3:00 PM PST
LOS ANGELES — Pink Visual on Wednesday debuted a free mobile porn site for the Android phone.

“The idea behind was to give Android users the kind of respect and attention we have always given to the iPhone, by having a site branded for their devices,” said Liam Colins, Pink Visual project director.

Colins said Android’s strength is in the number of devices that are using the operating system.

"The Motorola Droid, the Samsung Moment, the LG Eve, the new Google Nexus, and literally dozens of others all use this very powerful operating system that offers a great web viewing experience,” he said.

Colins also noted that the Android’s app market is far more open, and developers of sexually explicit apps will not find themselves “cut off at the knees” by the content policies of Android app stores in the way that they’ve been stymied by the iTunes Store.

“I think adult developers and a great many iPhone users would like to see Apple change its policies with respect to adult content in iPhone apps,” Colins said. “Until and unless that time comes, Apple is going to be ceding a potentially lucrative market to its competition.”

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