New Survey Shows More Women Having Wilder Sex, Watching Porn

Feb 18, 2010 12:00 PM PST

LONDON — A new survey reveals more women are having wilder sex and watching porn.

The survey, done by the English Netmums website, found three-quarters of women having less sex because of longer work hours, but when they do have sex, they’re much more adventurous when compared to last year’s survey, reported.

The study shows 76 percent of women use porn, that’s a 10 percent rise from last year’s survey of women who admitted watching porn with their partners.

The most popular format is online porn, which is watched by 61 percent of couples.

Just one couple in 20 looks at magazines, while 18 percent watch porn DVD’s.

The survey of 4,200 women also revealed four in five women like to dress up and indulge in role play.

A French maid uniform is used by 42 percent of women, followed by nurses uniform, while 16 percent of couples like the policewoman uniform.

More than half of the women said they use sex toys in the bedroom to add excitement.

"Our survey shows they are taking control in the bedroom," Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said. "They know what to do to get their sex lives back on track and are not afraid to experiment and introduce new methods to spice things up."

"During this age of multi-tasking, when we all wish there were 25 hours in a day, at least women are going after quality sex when they are having it," Katy Zvolerin, Adam & Eve's public relations director told XBIZ. "That women are willing to experiment more and become more adventurous says a lot. We are finding that themed lingerie, costumes and toys are much more popular than in years past, and a great way to add fun in the bedroom."

Last year’s survey showed more than half weren’t happy with their sex life, but this year more than 60 percent claimed to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

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