AMA Supports Mandatory Condoms on Porn Sets

Jun 16, 2010 3:30 PM PST
CHICAGO — The nation's largest association of physicians voted at its annual meeting this week to adopt a policy to support legislation requiring porn actors to use condoms on the set.

American Medical Association delegates at the recently wrapped meeting at the Hyatt Chicago weighed on association policy brought on by a contingent of California medical pros, where most adult video is shot.

The AMA's public health committee heard testimony that if porn actors used condoms in their movies, it could be "an act of role modeling to ensure the general public use condoms."

With the vote, AMA delegates decided to support legislation that aims at improving the ability of local health departments and state regulators to investigate and control exposures to infectious diseases and existing OSHA standards be enforced to reduce exposure of infections diseases in the industry.

Adult industry performer and advocate Dave Cummings told XBIZ that government, as well as the AMA, should stay out of the business of adult entertainment.

"Most of us actors and actresses are comfortable with the American film industry’s present testing procedures," Cummings said. "Use of condoms should be a decision of the actors and actresses, not some government bureaucracy.

"If we wore condoms for 'role modeling,' many viewers who voted with their patronage, or lack thereof, might well ditch American porn in droves and replace it with sometimes harsher porn from foreign manufacturers, thus contributing to job losses, small business closures, and a lessening of sales and income tax revenues to the government."

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