Study: Porn Sites Are Safer Than Non-Porn Sites

Jul 5, 2010 8:00 AM PST
PRAGUE, Czech Republic — A recent study suggests that porn sites are safer than conventional sites.

The study from anit-virus maker Avast claims that porn sites are far safer for computers than many people would think and far safer than websites from big businesses.

Avast CTP Ondrej Vlcek said that the statistics are clear — for every infected adult domain they identify, there are 99 others with non-adult content that are also infected.

In the study, the worst infections were found on more popular sites with higher traffic, and the report states that there was a higher infection rate in websites with the word “London” in the title than “sex”. One of the most infected sites, Avast discovered, was Vodafone’s smartphone section.

Porn entrepreneurs are constantly on the cutting-edge of technology, including streaming video, online-subscription models, and Internet advertising.

Because the porn industry is a pioneer in digital technology, the security measures taken are top notch. Increased security and smarter browser controls have forced hackers to look at other sites that might be slightly more vulnerable, sites where people do not expect viruses.

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