FSC Issues ‘Call to Action’ for XXX Comments

Sep 13, 2010 2:00 PM PST
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — FSC has issued a “call to action” for industry members to submit opposition regarding the poposed .XXX sTLD.

The call-to-action will be posted on the FSC website, as well as on industry media outlets and message boards.

“It is imperative that you speak up now,” FSC’s Executive Director Diane Duke said.

Industry stakeholders are offered two options for submitting their comments.

They can choose to submit their own comments of opposition to ICM’s proposed .XXX sTLD to xxx-revised-icm-agreement@icann.org.

The second option is to follow a link to a short, two-question survey endorsing statements of opposition to the proposed .XXX sTLD.

FSC will compile and submit the data collected from the survey to ICANN.

FSC has responded to the board with a letter of requests and has filed a documentary information disclosure policy for additional information.

The call to action suggests six issues of concern that stakeholders may comment on and are encouraged to do so during the public comment period that ends on Sept 23.

FSC recommends that industry members mention they are a professional member of the adult online community — the party most impacted by the ICANN Board's decision.

FSC suggests that members let the board know they are concerned with the following:

  • ICM is pushing unnecessarily for a "responsible" global online community when the adult entertainment community already has an entity through which Internet publishers and others can self-identify as a responsible global online adult entertainment community through the FSC and its Code of Ethics;
  • Companies that have pre-registered .XXX domain names, but are in opposition to a .XXX sTLD. By ICM's own definition those companies do not qualify for a .XXX sTLD because they do not voluntarily agree to the .XXX sTLD and thus believe that ICM's proposed .XXX sTLD would be detrimental to their business;
  • The lack of transparency surrounding ICM's submissions in the omission of the names of IFFOR Board members and Policy Council members who will develop regulations for the .XXX online industry;
  • Adult businesses would be required to comply with IFFOR Policies and Best Practices Guidelines [IFFOR is the governing body proposed by ICM to set policy for .XXX sTLDs] that have yet to be created by boards and councils;
  • Information provided for public comment is insufficient. Members of the adult entertainment community require more information about the application in order to provide the appropriate level of feedback to the ICANN Board for it to make an informed decision;
  • If additional information is provided, the community most impacted by .XXX, the online adult community will not have sufficient time to respond and therefore request that the public comment period be extended 30 days after additional information that has been requested has been supplied.

For additional information, please contact diane@freepeechcoalition.com.

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