Time Warner Cable Adds 8 Porn Channels

Sep 15, 2010 4:15 PM PST
NEW YORK — Time Warner Cable, the nation’s second largest cable network, has added eight porn channels to its lineup reportedly to help pay for other channels’ heavy fees.

The move came only days after the cable giant agreed to boost the fees it pays to Disney, according to the New York Post.

Earlier this month, it agreed to pay Disney 50 cents per subscriber per month for the right to carry Disney's ABC broadcast stations when it previously paid nothing.

Speculation was that the high-revenue generating porn programming would also help Time Warner pad its coffers against more increased fees for programs like ABC's ESPN channel. But the report said industry buzz disputes the notion.

Time Warner Cable spokesman Alex Dudley told the paper that the porn decision was nothing but a coincidence. The new channels include programs like "Manhandle on Demand" and "Penthouse on Demand."

When asked about the coincidence in timing, he said, "The two are unrelated. We're always adding a variety of content that we think our subscribers will enjoy."

Time Warner has also alerted its customers about parental control settings in a recent mailing.

"You may need to adjust your parental control settings," the mailing said.

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