Dutch Nationals Arrested in Bulgaria for Shooting Porn

Sep 15, 2010 11:15 AM PST
VARNA, Bulgaria — Two Dutch pornographers and a 19-year-old Bulgarian woman have been arrested at a Varna hotel on charges of producing adult content.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Home Affairs would not disclose the identities of the adult operators, but said that they are 26 and 28 years old and that the material they shot was destined for the Internet.

Authorities also said that three hotel rooms at the Varna hotel in the St. Nikola region of the city were converted into a film studio.

Authorities said the sting was carried out under the guidance of the Regional Prosecution Office. Seven others were interrogated in the investigation, three of whom were women. Authorities confiscated two laptop computers, a contract with an Internet service provider and pay stubs for the performers.

Pornography was prohibited in Bulgaria until 1989 but in the early 1990s adult material flooded the market, although it could still be prosecuted.

Bulgarian law currently does not specify what exactly pornography is, according to a report by Bulgarian researcher Petko Velichkov.

The men could face up to a year in jail if found guilty, according to reports.

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