Group Claims Email Attack by Porn Companies

Oct 9, 2010 6:00 AM PST
SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP) said its website was slammed with more than 1,000 porn emails in 24 hours by adult companies in San Francisco after its site was linked to a woman’s anti-porn group initiative.

UCAP claims the attack came after the porn site was linked to Deseret Media Companies' “Out in the Light” initiative — a full-on campaign blasting porn.

According to reports, an email form was filled out on the group’s contact page that then triggered a program to jam the UCAP inbox with the porn emails.

UCAP chair Pamela Atkinson told KSL Newsradio that according to her webmaster, the e-mails were traced to San Francisco porn companies, but it was difficult to pinpoint what companies were responsible.

"We thought [the website] was just a friendly way of letting people know what is available in terms of resources," Atkinson said.

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