L.A. County Supervisors to Be Asked to Step Up Porn Oversight

Oct 18, 2010 2:45 PM PST
LOS ANGELES — Continuing its assault on adult film industry practices, advocates of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation are planning a visit to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors' biweekly meeting on Tuesday in a plea to ratchet up Health Department oversight.

The AHF's Brian Chase, Miki Jackson and Ged Kenslea plan to speak before the supervisors, directing them at public comment to take their side in the debate over condoms-only productions after the latest HIV case was disclosed last week, the third such episode since 2004.

In addition to asking for more Health Department oversight, they also plan to ask supervisors to force county agencies, including the Sheriff’s Department, to put a hold on issuing film production permits under their control until the HIV incident is sorted out. They also seek clarification of the shoot permit process.

Kenslea, of the AHF, told XBIZ that in the city and county of Los Angeles there are between 4,000-11,000 porn shoots a year, with about 1,400 that are actually permitted by government officials.

"The numbers are big enough, and we think that the county should be more proactive over the issue at hand," he said.

The AHF has spent most of the past year blasting conventional adult film practices, insisting on mandatory condom-only adult productions. They've used conventional methods, such as disseminating their view through press releases, to get their word out, as well as some in the adult industry who take their side.

Late Friday, the AHF sent out press releases lauding Jenna Jameson’s quotes to RadarOnline, which she called the industry a “ticking time bomb” and another by blogger Mike South, who posted a thread titled "It is time to clean up the industry."

Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition's executive director, told XBIZ last week that AHF's continual attempt to exploit the latest HIV scare is for political gain.

"Rather than recognizing the industry for going above and beyond what is required, AHF is using this opportunity to continue its never-ending stream of grandstanding," she said.

XBIZ will add additional details and industry comment to this story as it becomes available.

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