ICANN Postpones Decision on .XXX

Dec 10, 2010 9:15 AM PST
CARTAGENA, Colombia — At its board meeting this morning, ICANN’s board of directors voted to postpone a decision for a .XXX sponsored top level domain.

"ICANN board hereby determines that it intends to enter into a registry agreement with ICM Registry for the .XXX sponsored TLD subject to GAC consultation and advice," ICANN said.

The board directed its staff to develop a plan for trying to resolve differences with the GAC (Government Advisory Council) through formal negotiations.

FSC Executive Director Diane Duke and FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas were in Cartagena lobbying against ICM’s application for .XXX.

“ICANN is obligated to seek consultation from the GAC,” Douglas said.

“It would have been an unwise decision to disregard GAC’s resolute opposition, potentially having grave impact on ICANN’s multi-community model. The sponsorship community is opposed, and ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee is opposed. The only entity that would have benefited from an immediate approval was ICM.”

According to ICM's Stuart Lawley, today's decision was what he had hoped for.

"As per their bylaws, when they decide to do something that is or may not be in accordance with GAC advice, they must confer with the GAC and their statement today that they intend to sign the contract with us, has officially triggered that process that will be complete in February," Lawley said.

According to Lawley, the contract will grant .XXX the same rights as .com, .net, .co.uk and other TLDs, with the only difference being that as a sponsored TLD, .XXX domain names will only be available to the adult entertainment industry.

The contract will require anyone registering a .XXX name to complete an application process endorsed and overseen by the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR).

IFFOR is charged with developing “best practices” registrants would be required to follow.

"ICM refuses to disclose the names of those who agreed to serve on the board and develop policy for the .XXX online presence," Duke said. "Accordingly, the policies to which domain holders will be required to adhere have yet to be disclosed."

Lawley's press release in its entirety is below.

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