Major BitTorrent Porn Sites Shut Down

Jan 13, 2011 12:00 PM PST
CYBERSPACE — Two of the Internet’s biggest porn BitTorrent trackers — Empornium and PureTNA — have been permanently shut down, possibly buckling under pressure from the adult industry’s recent flood of lawsuits.

According to a report on TorrentFreak, the demise of the sites is still a mystery but they could either be running scared from adult producers' legal actions or they lack capital to invest in security code development to combat malicious hackers.

The sites together have more than 2.5 million members and have left a huge void for porn fans seeking free content, according to the report.

TorrentFreak said, “For the last few days the huge BitTorrent porn trackers Empornium and PureTNA have been dark, with both sites routing to Understandably, users of the sites have been pretty concerned since these pair of giants, which are connected by the same management, have massive memberships and are long-standing mainstays of the community.”

PureTNA reportedly had in excess of 1,329,500 members and Empornium had a similar number. PureTNA’s database housed nearly 67,000 torrents servicing around 630,000 peers. Empornium listed more than 82,000 torrents and 660,000 peers, according to TorrentFreak.

The sites' management told TorrentFreak that they are “offline permanently.” Breeze, manager of both sites, said, "Such is BitTorrent life.”

The most plausible cause for the sites' demise is pressure from adult, despite some doubts.

TorrentFreak said, “As can be seen from a list retrievable via Google cache which was updated only last week, dozens of porn sites and studios have issued some kind of legal 'do not upload' orders to the sites. While there may be some triumphant gloating from elements of the porn industry, these lists could merely be an indication that both sites were trying to stay within the law by abiding by the desires of copyright holders who preferred for their material not to be shared on the sites. In any event, with the demise of both sites, that point is moot.”

The lack of investment theory stems from both sites having been hacked in recent days and instead of investing money into user security, the site owners wiped out their hard drives.

PureTNA is still listed by Google, however, a similar search for Empornium goes nowhere.

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