Canadian Art Gallery Open to Porn Shoots

Jan 22, 2011 6:00 AM PST
OTTOWA — A Canadian art gallery is opening its doors to porn companies seeking an “artsy” backdrop.

The move was prompted by Guy Berube, owner of Le Petite Mort gallery (that translates to “The Little Death” a French euphemism for orgasm), who said he needs additional income to pay bills.

The gallery owner has rented his space for special events in the past and said he’s already discussing the possibility with two producers.

Berube feels the shop is a good venue for porn as his gallery walls already contain a number of nude paintings.

"I've seen some great porn, I've seen some really bad porn. I'm hoping this space can motivate them to do fantastic porn," Berube said.

Neighboring gallery owner Pierre Luc St-Laurent of Gallerie St-Laurent + Hill said galleries renting out their space is nothing new but Berube's idea is extreme.

"Who would want to arrive after the fact in a gallery where they film porn?" St.-Laurent said.

Berube described himself as a starving gallerist and said, "I'm freaking out. The idea is just so crazy. I'm not sure what to expect next."

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