Former U.K. Home Secretary to Present Porn Documentary

Jan 30, 2011 6:00 AM PST
LONDON — Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who was involved in a scandal after she submitted a bill that included the purchases of two porn movies, is trying to clear her name by presenting a documentary on porn in the U.K.

The hour-long documentary entitled “Porn Again” will air March 3 on BBC Radio 5 Live and will investigate the adult industry through interviews with adult filmmakers, actors, philosophers, feminists, politicians and others.

Smith will also, for the first time since the adult movies appeared in her expense claims, talk about her own attitudes about the industry.

“As I know from my personal experience, porn fascinates us — media and public alike,” she said.

“But we actually know very little about what it’s like to work in the industry and what porn is doing to our society, our children and our relationships. In making this program, I’ve been able to challenge my own views and attitudes and I want others to have the chance to join the debate too.”

The BBC says that the program will see her question her own opinions and experience along the way and she will also look at the accessibility of porn on the Internet.

Smith, who quit as home secretary in 2009 after the incident, said it had been a mistake to submit the bill and apologized, claiming she had submitted a bill for her Internet package.

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