Cambridge Students Side With Porn at Debate

Feb 19, 2011 12:00 PM PST
CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge University students voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Cambridge Union’s proposition “This house believes that pornography does a good public service” at a recent debate attended by adult professionals and anti-porn advocates that included ex-porn star Shelley Luben.

The pro-porn debaters appearing at the packed house included Britain’s first female porn director Anna Span, performer Johnny Anglais and sex academic Jessi Fischer.

The opposition included born-again-Christian and ex-performer Shelley Lubben, feminist activist Dr Gail Dines, author of “Pornland: How Porn has Hijacked our Sexuality” and child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson.

The proposition passed by 44 votes.

Most of the arguments reportedly centered on whether porn empowers women and if it acts as a good educational tool.

But the anti-porn crusaders maintained that porn harms children and degrades women.

Citing the value of sex guides, Fischer said porn can “spark passion and create debate about sexuality.” And Anglais’ talk presented porn stars as intelligent human beings rather then pieces of meat.

He said, “The problem is not pornography. The problem is our immature national attitude to sex.”

Lubben reportedly fired back at the academic approach of her opponents and the apparent approval of the students and said, “There is nothing funny or glamorous about this industry.”

She continued, “Pornography doesn’t do a good public service because it is lying to you. I have the evidence. It’s lying to you. It’s modern day slavery.”

But Lubben’s anger and non-academic approach reportedly didn’t sit well with the Cambridge students, resulting in the impressive victory.

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