Network Solutions Posts .XXX TLD Page, Responds to XBIZ Queries

Feb 24, 2011 11:15 AM PST
HERNDON, Va. — Network Solutions, one of the world's top five domain registrars, has gone live with a "Be ready for the launch of .XXX!" webpage, marketing the virtues of the sTLD that hasn't yet been green lighted by ICANN.

".XXX will be launching shortly and Network Solutions is working with ICM Registry to provide informational services for our customers that wish to take advantage of the launch and register domain names," Network Solutions says on the webpage.

The registrar, which has more than 6.7 million domains under management, goes on to say that "those voluntarily identifying themselves as compliant with a comprehensive set of Best Business Practices that are part of the registry policies can provide more predictable revenue streams, greater customer retention and fewer complaints, as regulators and others will see adult entertainment providers take a proactive and responsible approach to their web presence."

Network Solutions spokesman Shashi Bellamkonda told XBIZ that the company is simply gearing up for a possible .XXX roll out if it is approved at ICANN's general board meeting on Friday, March 18.

"At this time, we are preparing for a possible launch of .XXX just like we would for any new domain," he said. "Being a leader in the domain industry, we constantly look for opportunities that can help our small business customers.

"ICANN will determine whether .XXX will get the green light and we will support the launch of .XXX if and when it gets approved."

With the decision to launch a "be ready" site, Bellamkonda said that Network Solutions has been working with ICM Registry to offer customers "the opportunity to protect their brand with .XXX domains."

"As with any other domain extension that gets launched in the marketplace, we will support the extension if we believe that it brings value to our customers," he said.

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