Elegant Angel Filing 43 Porn BitTorrent Suits Targeting 430

Mar 17, 2011 11:30 AM PST
MIAMI — Elegant Angel has launched a national campaign against porn BitTorrent piracy with the eventual filing of 43 lawsuits targeting 430 unnamed defendants in four states across the U.S., XBIZ has learned.

On Wednesday, Elegant Angel filed nine infringement lawsuits against 58 unnamed defendants who are accused of sharing such titles as "Asian Booty" and "Big Wet Asses 17."

But even more suits will be filed later today in California, New York and New Jersey, attorney Keith Lipscomb told XBIZ.

In two days "Elegant Angel will have filed 43 suits against 430 John Does," said Lipscomb, name partner of Lipscomb Eisenberg, a boutique intellectual property law firm based in Miami that also represents two other adult entertainment industry clients. He said the 43 suits all revolve around four pirated Elegant Angel movies.

"Right now, the adult entertainment industry is being tremendously damaged by the infringement of its copyrights over the Internet," Lipscomb said. "To protect its valuable copyrights, Elegant Angel authorized its team of lawyers to start filing 43 federal court copyright lawsuits in Florida, California, N.Y. and N..J, all on behalf of Elegant Angel.

"These suits seek damages and attorneys’ fees. Elegant Angel hopes that these suits will stem the tide of infringement."

The nine copyright infringement suits waged yesterday in Florida, allege direct and contributory infringement from the 58, who all are said to reside in Florida.

Elegant Angel, according to Lipscomb, employed forensic software called International IPTracker and related technology enabling the scanning of peer-to-peer networks for the presence of infringing transactions. The software is provided by Europe-based IPP Limited, he said.

Elegant Angel General Manager Graham Travis declined to comment to XBIZ on the suits.

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