Gamma Pledges Ongoing Donations to Anti-.XXX Campaign

Mar 30, 2011 8:00 AM PST

MONTREAL — Gamma Entertainment announced today that it will pledge ongoing donations in the fight against freedom of speech violations stemming from ICM’s recently approved .XXX sTLD.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Free Speech Coalition’s (FSC) official anti-.XXX campaign last week.

“Gamma is committed to using our resources to lead by example — by pledging our support in the efforts to combat ICM’s XXX,” said Gamma Entertainment president Karl Bernard.

He added, “This is the approach that we have presented to our partners and hope our actions will serve as a positive example for the adult business community.”

The company said that while it will register a limited number of .XXX domains to protect its key trademarks, its focus will remain fully devoted to their .com businesses.

For every dollar paid to register .XXX, Gamma will donate at least $1 to advocacy groups such as the Free Speech Coalition. It will also conduct annual evaluations to determine if they will renew any registered .XXX domains.

“This ruling has sparked great debate in our industry, with many companies divided on the issue. After much consideration, we feel confident that the positive efforts we put forth to protect freedom of speech will outweigh any domains registered to protect our business assets,” Bernard said.

Gamma said that it has personally reached out to the FSC in support of its anti-.XXX campaign announcement, pledging its ongoing support and donation commitment.

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