Video: .XXX Approval Sparks Heated Debate at The Phoenix Forum

Apr 5, 2011 11:00 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Colin Rowntree, one of the online adult industry’s founding members, has posted a blog entry featuring video footage of the recent .XXX seminar at The Phoenix Forum.

The XBIZ blog, called “Fear and Loathing at The Phoenix Forum," describes Saturday’s event. Rowntree writes a regular blog entry for called “Waste Not, Want Not.”

It was “sort of like going to a fist fight and an opera broke out!” he said. “Hunter Thompson was not there, but the .XXX session was every bit as macabre as anything he could have penned!

“Like a pinball machine that alternated between vitriolic, dark humor, politicians caught in a lie and outright just plain strange," he said in his XBIZ blog.

“This seminar was without a doubt the most surreal and difficult one I have moderated in the past 15 years of doing such at adult conferences and trade shows.

“After much machination over who would moderate and speak on this hot-button panel, it all went down on April 2 with a remarkable combination of industry execs, pundits, lawyers and ICM execs.“ he said.

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