BaDoinkCash Touts Relaunched Site as Ultimate Porn App

Apr 13, 2011 6:00 AM PST

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Affiliate program BaDoinkCash has unveiled a new tour for flagship site, touting itself as the ultimate porn app.

The company said the tour is clean and user-friendly with a sleek form-over-function design.

“The new tour simply drives a long-standing point home further,” BaDoink’s Todd Glider said.

“Leveraging iTunes integration, AppleTV Airplay compatibility, DVD burning software, file transcoding capability, a download manager, and a media server that converts any desktop or laptop computer into a fully-functional wireless media server, BaDoink has always been the ultimate porn app. BaDoink is to porn what iTunes is to music. It’s the iTunes of porn.”

After enrolling in BaDoink, members receive access to thousands of HD DVDs that are all available for stream or download.

“When a new member joins, he is encouraged to download the BaDoink Ultra client software. The client installs in moments and unlocks a suite of integrated apps,” Glider said.

One of the apps is called EasyBurner which is a software title that gives members the ability to create custom DVDs for TV viewing and transcode video files to any mobile format.

EasyBurner converts videos, which can be viewed on the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre and non-smartphones.

BaDoink’s wireless UPNP/DLNA media server is branded EasyOnTV. Like EasyBurner, EasyOnTV was developed in-house, allowing users to stream videos from any Mac or PC to any TV in the house. With EasyBurner, streaming is accomplished wirelessly and setup requires no technical expertise.

Both EasyBurner and EasyOnTV are also offered as standalone products to the adult and mainstream market.

“As great as the BaDoink Ultra client is, I want to be clear that installation is not a requirement,” Glider said. “There’s a ‘lite’ version of the site available with any web browser, and all the DVDs are available for stream or download. It’s all there, the bonus sections, everything.  We encourage installation of the client because it offers the user the advanced features of burning, transcoding, download management and media server.” members have unlimited access to a mobile and iPad version of the site, which is also geo-targeted and translated to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. affiliates can earn 60 percent revenue share or $30 PPS on free trials.

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