.XXX Added to Root Server

Apr 16, 2011 2:30 PM PST

PALM BEACH, Fla. — .XXX was added to the root server Saturday nearly a month after ICANN gave its blessing for the new sponsored top-level domain.

Porn.xxx, Sex.xxx, XXX.xxx and other domains were added. Each point to an ICM Registry .XXX page.

ICM Registry all along has said it plans on keeping some of top names for later auction. Those purportedly would be Porn,xxx, Sex.xxx,XXX.xxx and others.

"When the sTLD was added to the root name servers, ICM Registry pointed five domains [Search.xxx, About.xxx, Sex.xxx, Porn.xxx, and XXX.xxx] to placeholder sites for both testing and for the public to immediately recognize that the sTLD is live and domain names are resolving," said Greg Dumas of ICM Registry on Sunday.

.XXX's Sunrise period, which will be the first of several periods including Landrush and general availability are expected to start sometime in September.

"We are pleased to bring .XXX into the adult marketplace and the positive response
since approval has been overwhelming," Dumas said.

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