Online MBA Chart Lists Stats on Internet Porn

Apr 22, 2011 8:15 AM PST

POMPANO BEACH, FL — Business education blog Online MBA has released a quick viewing chart of Internet porn stats that breaks down usage sometimes by the second.

The organization said porn has been traded online since the ‘80s in the form of ASCII art and then on the web in the ‘90s and offers the chart in an effort to tally the figures of the “enormous world of Internet porn.”

Although the chart does reference some reliable sources, some of the stats can be arbitrary and dubious, such as the least popular day for viewing porn in the U.S. is Thanksgiving.

But most of the findings are at least compelling and offer a snapshot of online porn usage.

For example, the report said that $3,075.64 is spent on, and 28,258 users are viewing online porn every second.

The chart also noted that porn makes up 12 percent of all websites on the Internet and that 40 million Americans are regular visitors.

And one in three visitors are women and 70 percent of men ages 18-24 visit porn sites in a typical month.

Other findings said porn pulls in $2.84 billion in the U.S. and $4.9 billion worldwide every year.

According to Online MBA’s chart, 25 percent — or 68 million —  of all daily search engine requests are for porn terms, with the words “sex,” “adult dating” and “porn” listed as the top three.

The group also found that the average porn visit lasts six minutes and 29 seconds and the state of Utah has the highest online subscription rate per thousand home broadband users at 5.47.

The full chart can be seen here.


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