DominicFord's Porn Guardian Adds New Clients, Services

May 2, 2011 11:00 AM PST

NEW YORK —  DominicFord has expanded its copyright protection Porn Guardian watchdog service to a number of new producers along with new features.

The company said its client roster now represents gay, straight and transsexual producers including Falcon Studios, Lucas Entertainment, Bel Ami, Cocky Boys,, Grooby Productions, Staxus Entertainment, XES Entertainment, ManAvenue, Papi Thugz, Men at Play, StraightHell and several other high-profile studios.

In addiiton to its DMCA take-down service, the product now offers several other features to stop pirating.

"Instead of simply playing 'whack-a-mole' after a pirate has done his damage, we have technology in place to identify the actual members who are doing the initial pirating. That way, we are able to stop pirates from ever gaining access to the material to begin with. This is the most effective way to stop pirates, not just clean up after them," Porn Guardian partner DominicFord said.

The company is also looking beyond traditional forms of piracy and said it has dismantled several online e-commerce “stores” that were selling DVD-R copies of feature films in paper sleeves for just a few dollars. In some cases, these operations were pushing as many as 2,000 titles, running illegal copies on demand per sale and even offering free shipping and multiple title discounts.

Partner Peter Phiney said, “Cyberlockers (filesharing hosts) are still doing the most damage. But we’ve seen DVD bootlegging on auction sites gain in popularity in recent months."

Porn Guardian also announced that it has broadened its reach and now employs 20 staff members across 17 time zones who monitor illegal files in 10 languages including Russian, Slovak, Czeck, Spanish, French, Dutch and Philipino (Tagalog and its many dialects.)

“Piracy is a global problem and we offer the industry’s only truly global solution. Pirates are working across the globe 24/7, and so must we. Otherwise, we can never hope to win,” DominicFord said.

The company added that it is currently working on several legal cases and is providing clients wih detailed information.

"Our service is completely transparent. We supply our clients with complete details about what sites their content is showing up on, who is posting them, where they are hosting their files and much, much more. Clients who also use our watermarking services can see who originally downloaded a file and then track its journey as it shows up illegally online," Phinney said.

A free "do it yourself" version of its platform for small sites has also been introduced.

"A lot of companies are creating DMCA notices themselves and are very successful at it. We are giving them a way to centralize their efforts on our reporting platform for free. They find the links and use our system to report them. That way they can take advantage of the knowledge and automation our system provides in a very cost effective way," Porn Guardian said.

Ford said that clients who also work with companies that (only) provide DMCA Take-down services are being asked to report links using the Porn Guardian platform instead of using their own methods.

"Our clients can't go back to the rudimentary systems they were using before. They want to centralize all their efforts on one solid platform. That includes their in-house efforts, Porn Guardian's efforts and other third-party efforts," DominicFord said. 

He added, "We provide interfaces for all these different parties to work together."

Commenting on the "fear-mongering tactics" used by some in the industry, Phinney said a calm, methodical approach is more effective. “Piracy is terribly painful. Our success comes largely from our approach, which eliminates the anger and attacks the problem coolly and calmly. We generally achieve better results than copyright owners (or fear mongers) do on their own.”

The company maintained that the product has a 99 percent success rate on getting files removed, shutting down illegal trading sites, stopping pirates from opening file sharing accounts and has taken tens of thousands of bootleg DVDs out of circulation.

For more information contact or visit the Porn Guardian website.

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