Video: L.A. Traffic Officer Porn Scandal Heats Up

May 4, 2011 12:30 PM PST

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LOS ANGELES — Last week's revelation that two Los Angeles traffic officers appeared in porn movies on taxpayers' dime has opened a full-scale investigation into the agency.

And now there are allegations of a cover-up.

NBC is reporting today that insiders say the superiors of two city workers who appeared in the video covered up the incident because they did not want the story to go public.

"We’ve had officers that have been caught with prostitutes on the job and off, and their discipline has been pretty much non-existent," one insider told NBC.

Three insiders said at least 10 managers at the agency viewed the porn movie months ago, and knew the identity of the officers.

The video, reportedly titled "Back to the Streets," starring Kylee Reese, is found on Brazzers'

"It was common knowledge definitely to upper management," a Los Angeles Department of Transportation department manager said.

In the video, men in the film perform a range of sex acts with Reese. In one scene, Reese jumps into the arms of one City of Los Angeles traffic officer, who spanks her and then fondles her breasts.

A second traffic officer takes a few spankings from the performer, then allows her to get into his official City of Los Angeles car, where she performs in front of the officer.

City parking enforcement employees who originally gave NBC a copy of the movie said that the city’s parking enforcement chief has seen it and knows the identities of the officers, which still haven't been officially disclosed to either NBC or XBIZ.

But the employees allegedly involved in the movies were placed on administrative leave pending completion of the inquiry.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation porn scandal has achieved headlines worldwide, and it has gotten the attention of Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

"There are no limits where this investigation will go at this point," he said. "The entire chain of command is ... part of the investigation."


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