Trademark Owners .XXX Opt-out Fee Hovers at $300

May 16, 2011 8:15 AM PST

LONDON — IPRota, the company implementing the pre-launch rights protection mechanism of .XXX, has revealed more details about end-user costs for trademark owners outside of the adult biz.

According to IPRota, those companies and individuals that want to safeguard their marks from exposure to .XXX web addresses will be charged a one-time fee of up to $300 per address to lock them from use.

"The one-off cost to the end user, set by individual registrars, will likely be in the region of $200 to $300," IPRota said in a statement.

IPRota also said that the sunrise period, known as Sunshine B, will begin in September and last for approximately 30 days. During the period, trademark owners will be able to opt-out of .XXX.

“This year will see the introduction of .XXX, arguably the most significant web suffix since .com was launched back in 1985," IPRota founder Jonathan Robinson said. "Although the top-level domain name is targeted at the adult industry, its introduction in September will have far-reaching implications."

Details of the plan are revealed in a new IPRota whitepaper titled, “Taking Control: Safeguarding Brand Owners’ Rights in .XXX,” which will be launched later today at the International Trademark Association annual meeting in San Francisco.

The paper outlines how trademark owners operating outside the adult industry can safeguard their marks in .XXX.

To download a copy of the whitepaper, go to IPRota's website.

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