Japanese Porn Star Becomes Chinese Web Phenomena

May 28, 2011 6:00 AM PST

TAIWAN — A Japanese porn star has become a phenomenon on Weibo — China’s version of Twitter — and her Chinese name has more than 41 million page hits on Google, more than that of Mao Zedong, Yao Ming or Confucius.

Although porn is illegal in China, the netizens love Soar Aoi so much that she had to be swept off a stage after an appearance where pandemonium broke out in the capital city of Nanchang.

According to West China Times, the star grabbed more than 130,000 Weibo followers in just six hours, surpassing her Twitter numbers.

AsianCorrespondent reports that the “bosomy” Aoi’s fame is attributed to the way she engages her fans that’s neither artificial nor insincere.  And her daily photo posts don’t hurt, setting her apart from less ambitious porn stars.

The 27-year old Japanese adult film idol made her adult debut in 2002 in the film “Happy Go Lucky!” for the Alice Japan studio.

Some of her other movie credits include “Complete Obedience, Masochist Secretary,” “Bit Tits Zombie” and  “Sora Will Relieve You Greatly.”  Most of her titles however are banned in China.

Her ability to engage women and flirt with men has allowed her to skirt China’s censorship and has given her the opportunity to address Chinese politics, championing a wider acceptance of sexual expression in Chinese media.

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