GoDaddy on Board to Sell .XXX Domains

Jun 10, 2011 11:00 AM PST

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Internet domain seller GoDaddy has signed on to sell the .XXX extension.

So far, about 50 other registrars have been approved by ICM Registry and accredited by ICANN to sell the domain name extension, reports.

“We've said from the beginning, when it comes to .XXX, we are going to listen to our customers,” said Bob Parson, GoDaddy CEO and founder.

“A large number of our customers have spoken ... and there is a demand for the controversial new domain name extension — for both brand protection purposes and for new names. So what are we going to do?  GoDaddy is going to give our customers what they want.”

GoDaddy said it has met the requirements to provide the extension as soon as they were published and  “intends to offer trademark holders and existing adult domain owners the option to register the newly approved extension during what is known as a Sunrise period beginning in early September.”

During that period, trademark owners will be able to opt-out of .XXX for a one-time fee.

"We look forward to working with Go Daddy in the development and marketing of the new .XXX domain name extension,” ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley said.

According to an XBIZ Research poll, 13 percent of adult business operators said that they will acquire .XXX domain names to develop and market new websites, while 22 percent said they planned .XXX purchases to protect existing brands and trademarks.

Those responses for those willing to purchase .XXX domains add up to 35 percent of all responses.

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