Tunisia Blocks Porn Sites Again

Jun 15, 2011 6:00 AM PST

TUNIS, Tunisia — The country’s Internet agency said it will apply a court ruling to block all porn websites, sparking a new round of controversy over censorship.

The court of appeals ordered the agency to censor sexually explicit sites claiming they were dangerous to young people and contrary to Muslim values.

The agency said it has begun a plan to carry out filters, but that the process would be gradual because the filters haven’t been updated.

Since censorship was lifted in January, the Tunisian Internet site Business News reported that seven porn sites appeared to be the 100 most visited sited in the country and five of them were among the 50 most visited.

In May, several sites and Facebook profiles were blocked by the ATI on the orders of a military tribunal.

The initial ban on porn sites was lifted in January following an outcry by citizens for more individual freedom and rights.

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