CNBC: Lessons Mainstream Can Learn From Porn

Jun 21, 2011 11:15 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — An article on examines several lessons mainstream media can learn from the porn industry.

The article, titled “The Erotic Engine — How Porn Changes Everything” delves into the early stages of the Internet and how the porn industry was able to capitalize on the growing trend by selling content online.

The article mentions that pornographers have remained successful over the years through various means including early adoption, including leading the world to the VCR, cable television and the Internet.

“Each of these technologies faced initial resistance that was first overcome by early adopters seeking and offering sexual content,” the article said. “Pornography kept these technologies progressing until they were reliable, familiar and cheap enough to enter the mainstream.”  

Another way porn companies were able to stay on top is by maintaining two operations, one in porn and another in mainstream.

“The porn side allows them to find early adopters, hone their products and make technological improvements,” the article said. “They then sell sanitized versions to their mainstream clients where larger, more reputable profits lie.”

Despite what many may believe these days, users will pay for content, the article said, adding that it's not the content that users are buying, it’s the convenience of not having to spend hours navigating the Internet to find the content they’re looking for.

“The lesson from the world of porn is: Value comes from more than content. It also comes from easier, faster, more reliable and more personalized user experiences,” the article said.

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