U.K. Regulators Fine Porn Subscription Broadcaster $144,000

Jun 24, 2011 11:00 AM PST

LONDON — Satellite Entertainment Ltd., which broadcasts adult entertainment  subscription channels Essex Babes, Northern Birds and Live XXX Babes, has been fined $144,000 by U.K. regulators.

Ofcom fined Satellite Entertainment for failing to provide recordings of programs on nine occasions, while also losing editorial control of its services for a period of six weeks when it allowed another company to transmit using its services, according to a report.

Satellite Entertainment's fine pales in comparison to those levied against  Bang Channels and Bang Media last year for "extremely serious and repeated breaches" of the Broadcasting Code.

Bang Channels and Bang Media, owned by the same company, were found to have breached broadcasting guidelines in adult chat and "daytime chat" promotions airing in 2009. The company was fined $251,000.

Also in 2009, Ofcom officials fined Portland Enterprises Ltd. $42,000 for  an episode of “Bathroom Bitches.”

A year earlier, Ofcom fined broadcaster Benelux Limited $36,000 over seven program on its Playboy One service after it received five complaints. 

And in 2008, Satellite Entertainment was fined $32,000 for  breaches of the Broadcasting Code relative to its adult chat program SportsXXXBabes.

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