Florida State Prisons Ban Porn

Jul 26, 2011 8:00 AM PST

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida state prisons are banning porn.

Taking a more proactive stance than Connecticut that recently announced it would not allow inmates to have adult material beginning in June of 2012, Florida’s prison boss Edwin Buss has immediately made porn contraband.

The Florida Department of Corrections issued a memo stating that any inmate found “introducing, possessing or passing pornographic material shall be punished to the maximum extent" of the state's administrative code.

Apparently the action was prompted after Buss was “shocked” to see a Playboy centerfold on the wall in a common area during a field trip to one of the facilities.

Buss’s memo now bans, “material that verbally or pictorially depicts actual or simulated intercourse; masturbation; sadomasochist abuse; lewd exhibition of genitals or contact with unclothed genitals; buttocks, pubic area, or female breasts; acts of sexual battery or simulated sexual battery; and nudity creating the appearing of imminent sexual conduct (e.g., display of aroused sexual organs).”

This isn’t Buss’s first vice “bust.” He recently issued a system-wide ban on smoking in state prisons.

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