MetaCert's Cloud-based Labeling Employed for .XXX

Aug 3, 2011 10:30 AM PST

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Tuesday evening's debut of also meant the initial roll out of technology in a .XXX site that makes use of cloud-based labeling technology and certification products that can block a porn site.

Last week it was announced that San Francisco-based MetaCert would enter into a multimillion-dollar vendor relationship with ICM Registry to sell privacy policy certificates to .XXX site owners.

MetaCert boasts that it has labeled more sites than any other company worldwide and expects to label more than 5 million websites by the end of the year.

The company recently launched a Firefox extension for its product and also initiated a new industry standard, the Protocol for Web Description Resources, at the World Wide Consortium (W3C) for labeling content and then used it to build a cloud-based platform.

MetaCert’s products don't require site owners to make any changes to their website and is available to consumers for free.

"MetaCert’s spidering technology constantly crawls sites that contain sexually explicit content and then automatically labels them and other adult sites to which they link," the company said in a release. "Our partnership with ICM showcases how our technology will provide a better experience for consumers and enable registrars to add value to the new domains."

ICM Registry spokesman Greg Dumas told XBIZ that the company took a fine-tooth comb searching for the right certification company.

"Over the years we have inspected and tested every labeling technology available, including the now defunct ICRA system. The problem we found was that each system used proprietary technology, making it difficult for global adoption and implementation," he said.

"In addition, the other label technologies require webmasters to add code to servers and/or webpages; this is arduous and time consuming for webmasters. With the move to cloud-based computing, it was clear that the W3C labeling standard implemented by MetaCert is far better and more scalable for our global needs.  Plus, MetaCert helped write the WC3 standard, so they know it well."

Tuesday night, amateur-themed became the first porn site to go live with a .XXX domain name. The site went live as a "founders" site. ICM Registry’s Founder Program is allocating 1,500 domains to 35 “founders.”

.XXX’s sunrise period starts in September, with landrush in November. General availability is slated for December.

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