ExtraLunchMoney.com Launches Custom Porn Marketplace

Aug 19, 2011 11:00 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — ExtraLunchMoney.com has launched a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling custom created adult photos, videos and artwork.

The ExtraLunchMoney platform allows sellers to post job descriptions for custom content they can create for buyers. After a buyer orders a job from a seller they work together to create the content.

"Traditionally porn has been one dimensional," said Benic Way, co-founder of ExtraLunchMoney. "We watch what studios decide to make for us typically without our input. With ELM buyers can not only find sellers willing to create content for them but can control the details so they get what they are looking for."

In order to ensure quality, ELM approves all custom jobs and sellers on the system. Currently only content makers who physically appear in their content are allowed to sell on ELM.

Third party content creators and studio owners are not allowed to sell on ELM.

"We want to make sure that the people posting content for sale on ELM are actually the people who will be in the content and can interact with buyers. This way the buyer knows when they are viewing a job it's a real person and they know whether the seller can accommodate their requests."

Benic said. In addition to selling custom content for personal use ELM allows sellers to sell content for commercial use as well. Website owners, advertising agencies, and other companies looking for custom video or photo content can find it on ELM.

ELM soft launched in July with 500 beta users. ELM is now publicly available for sellers and buyers.

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