Controversial Director Lars Von Trier Plans Porn Film

Sep 6, 2011 4:00 PM PST

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Controversial mainstream director Lars Von Trier, who made headlines after his Nazi gaffe at the Cannes Film Festival last May, is planning a porn film that explores woman's sexuality from birth to age 50.

Von Trier is probably best known for his violent 2009 cult horror film "Antichrist," that starred Willem Dafoe.

The maverick filmmaker’s new project — tentatively titled "Nymphomaniac" —  will reportedly include “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Stellan Skarsgard and his Cannes hit “Melancholia” star Kirsten Dunst.

Skarsgard told E! News, “Lars called me and said, ‘Stellan, my next film will be a porno film, and I want you to play the lead in it.’”

He added, “But then he said, ‘You will not get to fuck.’”

Von Trier’s research has included asking ex-lovers and friends for their sex stories and fantasies.

He said, “If you take a woman of 50 or 60 who has been sexually active, they will talk for hours. This is fantastic, it's a pleasure and I smile all the way, and that's why I want to extend the research time. You have no idea how dirty the female mind is."

The art house director and self-proclaimed “cultural radical” said he is planning hardcore and softcore versions of the film.

Depicting penetration in the film for women under 18 may worry the censors, Von Trier confided, but said, “And I also have a problem with the sex that we all know is part of our lives before we are 18 years old. Let's see how I handle this. I don't intend to break any laws but it will be an interesting experience."

Plans are to begin shooting the film next summer.

"Basically, it's a film about sex and then there is a lot of talking, like in the books I am reading now. They talk and talk and talk, which I love. And there is a lot of philosophy. Hopefully, it will be a very messy film. That's what I am looking for, after reading these books. I'd like to make a film that has a lot of different diversions and strange ideas and little parts that have nothing to do with the storyline."

The filmmaker hinted at doing porn while at Cannes saying he wanted to do a movie that included “very, very unpleasant sex,” but the remark was overshadowed by his tongue-in-cheek comment about sympathizing with Hitler.

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