Ex-Italian Porn Star Eyes New Political Party

Sep 27, 2011 4:00 PM PST

ROME — Ex-Italian porn star and radical politician Cicciolina, recently the center of controversy over her demand for a government pension, is calling for a new political party to counter her country’s corrupt politics.

In an interview with Oggi magazine, the 59-year-old adult performer whose real name is Ilona Staller said, "We want to set up an optimistic party of the future. Enough with these parties of profiteers, vote-selling, tenders and corruption.”

"We're thinking of a party of honest people: against the military and in favor of the rights of the weak. I would go among the people to listen to their problems," she said.

Cicciolina entered politics in 1979 as part of Italy's first green party before joining the Radical party in 1985.  She was a member of parliament between 1987-91.

The radical porn star was infamous for delivering topless speeches and for volunteering to have sex with despots Saddam Hussein in 1990 to restore peace in the Middel East, and more recently with Osama bin Laden to stop terrorism before his death.

Cicciolina also has aspirations of becoming mayor of the northern Italian town of Monza.

"I would make Monza an exciting town. It has a lot of potential. If the Royal Villa was turned into a luxury casino, for example, the town council would have loads of money," she said.

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