iPads Claim 97% of U.S. Tablet Traffic in August

Oct 12, 2011 4:00 PM PST

RESTON, Va. — The tablet market now accounts for a third of non-computer web traffic with Apple’s iPad leading the way with 97 percent of that amount, a new market study by ComScore showed.

The report also outlined why the growth of tablet traffic is significant, noting that almost half of tablet owners have completed purchases using their tablet.

"Tablet owners exhibited significant use of their devices throughout the entire online shopping process," ComScore reported, "from doing the initial planning, conducting product and store research, making price comparisons, to finally transacting. In the past month, more than half of tablet owners looked up product or price information for a specific store (56 percent) and read customer ratings and reviews while on a tablet (54 percent)."

The group added, "the incremental reach through mobile and connected devices should not be underestimated," pointing out that, "in August 2011, the additional mobile and connected device audience for Pandora accounted for more than half of their total cross-platform audience."

The growth of mobile devices has claimed nearly 7 percent of U.S. web traffic from conventional PCs. Of that segment, about two thirds of that traffic  is from mobile phones and a remaining third is being generated by tablet users.

The group notes that Apple's iPad now accounts for 97.2 percent of all tablet-originating web traffic.

Among iOS users, iPad now accounts for 46.8 percent of all traffic generated, eclipsing the iPhone for mobile web use, which represents 42.6 percent of iOS traffic.

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