VIDEO: ABC's Nightline Profiles Amateur Porn Special

Oct 14, 2011 10:00 AM PST

NEW YORK — ABC’s Nightline has aired a video preview of reporter Lisa Ling’s investigative report on amateur porn set to run on the OWN Network on Oct. 16.

The video clip focused on a 20-something couple  — Berkley and Tyler — who appear on Ling’s “Our America” show segment, “Modern Sex in America.”

Nightline said amateur porn shot by everyday people is the most clicked on category in the online adult space, citing sites like YouPorn.

The couple said they perform live sex from their bedroom five nights a week and earn nearly $1,000.

Tyler said he’s done with the normal 40-hour week and porn has gotten the couple a “way better life.”

Ling's report said the couple has hundreds of viewers watching them have sex each night at $8 per minute.

The amateur performers told Ling that they never had money growing up and porn is helping them support their baby daughter.

Tyler said the long term goal is temporary and a way for them to earn enough money to get to college. “We just want to be normal as possible.”

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